What Errors Cause Faulty Products?

What Makes Products Defective? | Hauptman, O'Brien, Wolf and Lathrop

It is widely understood that manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure their products are safe when used properly. This applies to everything from motor vehicles to pharmaceuticals, from children’s toys to power tools. However, when accidents happen, the question of whether a manufacturer should be held liable is not always easy to answer. Many legal […]

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How Do You Prove a Product Is Defective?

Proving a Product Defect | Hauptman O'Brien Wolf & Lathrop

When someone is injured by a defective product, they often don’t realize the cause. After all, we assume that the products we purchase are safe. We assume their design and production were tightly controlled, that they have been tested thoroughly, and that we would be fully warned of any potential risk the product poses to […]

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Who Is Liable for Product Defects?

Liability in Defective Product Claims

In everyday life, we expect the products we purchase to be safe. However, thousands of consumers are injured (or worse) every year due to product defects, whether due to a defect in the design, an error in the manufacturing process, or a failure to warn. At Hauptman, O’Brien, Wolf & Lathrop, our lawyers have more […]

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What You Need To Know About Child Car Seats

Car Seat Safety

Decades ago, car seats didn’t exist. Babies and small children either rode on their parent’s lap or were buckled into the seat like an adult. Lots of those kids turned out fine, but the ones who were in car accidents didn’t fare well. Cars are much faster than they used to be and there are […]

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