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Hauptman O'Brien Safe Ride Home
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How It Works

Just Call

  • Call (402) 292-2222, press option #2 to speak to a live dispatcher. Tell the dispatcher you want the Hauptman O’Brien SAFE RIDE HOME®. If you don’t do this, your ride won’t be free.

...Or Use The App

  • Click on the buttons below to download the zTrip app.
  • Create your profile in the app, but don’t enter a payment method.
  • Now you can book your free ride home and watch your cab travel right to you! The app will display the cab number and alert you when it arrives. Please be outside and ready for pickup before the arrival time listed in the app.
  • You must tell the driver that you have a Hauptman O'Brien SAFE Ride Home. If you don't do this, your ride won't be free. 
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Program Rules

  • Because the full program is not running, only one free ride per person is allowed.
  • Rides are provided 8p-3a 12/11 - 12/31, within Douglas & Sarpy counties ONLY. You cannot get a ride to or from Iowa.
  • You will be taken home or to a hotel, not to another event location or bar.
  • When you are picked up, be sure to tell the driver you’re taking a free Hauptman O’Brien SAFE RIDE HOME® or your ride will not be free.
  • Please be patient. There are more than 100 active cabs, but due to high demand there’s a chance a cab may not be available immediately upon request. If you’re not using the app, be sure to get an estimated pick-up time from the dispatcher.

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According to the NHTSA, 29 people die each day in alcohol-related crashes - that’s one death every 50 minutes!

We are heavily involved in our community and we care about the well-being of everyone in it. We want our friends and family to be happy, safe, and healthy for a long time.

Hauptman, O’Brien, Wolf, & Lathrop founded SAFE RIDE HOME® in 1990 with a single mission – help Nebraskans avoid drinking and driving by paying for their cab fares, so everyone can safely get home to their friends and loved ones.

Since then, the SAFE RIDE HOME® program has provided more than 65,000 rides, saving countless lives. This success led us to expand the program to other holidays, events and, in partnership with the WCA, for victims of domestic and sexual violence every day of the year.

We are grateful to the thousands of people who have utilized our SAFE RIDE HOME® program and to our community, who has embraced us for more than 28 years. Together, we can continue to make a difference in the fight to end drunk driving.


To get a ride call WCA's 24-Hour Hotline at 402.345.7273 or 402.672.7118 (Español).
Visit the WCA Website

What People Are Saying

Holiday Greetings Guys, I don’t need a lawyer, & I am lucky enough to have a driver if I need, … but I see your program “Safe Ride Home,” and just want to say Thank You, For the lives you may save with the Holiday Cheer. Somewhere this act of kindness should be noted!!! The city could put the team up for a “Best of Omaha” on that alone. Well, I just think that this is something I should say, My best in the coming year, Peace to all, family & friends at this joyous time of year. Cheers!!!

26 years and 44,000 safe rides home. Only God knows how many lives this program has saved from tragedy. Here’s a good community service project for those who don’t live in Omaha. Rally some of the businesses in your city and start a nonprofit to set up a program like this.

Thank you for the investment that y’all make every year in people… You are appreciated…

Thank you for providing this service. You have offered this for many years. You are the best.

That is absolutely wonderful what you are doing for your community keep up the good work you are the best!

Congratulations on another Safe Ride Home. I noticed you saved 3,200 people this year – Wow!!! Unbelievable – but fantastic. I remember where this program began. You are truly helping to make our streets safer!! Thank you.

Each year, we host a big holiday party in our home, and I always tell our guests about the safe ride home program. It eases my mind to know this option exists for our friends and family to get home safely. Thank you for providing such a life-saving program!

Thank you Hauptman, O’Brien Wolf & Lathrop! This is such an awesome program! Your kindness saves lives and helps everyone enjoy the holidays with their families without legal recourse. I have enjoyed your program a few times one of which without would have had me walking five miles home in very unfavorable weather conditions while intoxicated. You save lives with every ride given and bless you for that. you all are in my prayers.
Happy holidays to you all and all your families!

On behalf on NCHS thank you! Because of your participation in Project Elf gift drive over 1200 children state-wide have gifts on Christmas. We feel blessed to be partnered with Hauptman O’Brien on this amazing project. Happy New Year!

Thank you for your gift. We appreciate your support and your belief in our mission of helping women and their families build lives of strength, growth, and self-sufficiency. Thank you for your ongoing, generous support! You have helped so many of our clients!

Thank you for making the holiday season in Omaha a little bit safer. I may not drink and drive, but I still worry about those who do. If the safe ride home program leads to even one less drunk driver on the road, it’s worth it in my book.

Thanks for offering such a valuable service to the community! As a business owner, it’s good to know that programs like this exist in Omaha. When the holidays approach each year, I make sure all of our employees know about your safe ride program.

Thank you for your financial contribution for the WMS Spring Conference dinners. It is greatly appreciated!

May all the joy the season brings be yours now and in the coming year. Merry Christmas.

My daughter was able to make it home safely a couple of nights ago thanks to the Safe Ride Home Program. Thank you so much for underwriting such a wonderful, life saving program.

Merry Christmas. Many thanks for handling my case so honestly. Have a blessed Christmas.

With all of the holiday parties my children attend, I know their budgets get tight and they may be tempted to drive when they shouldn’t. Last year, I asked them to program the safe ride home number into their cell phones to call if they needed to. Thanks for giving this mother some added peace of mind.

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