Compensation for Truck Accidents in Nebraska

How to Get Compensation After Truck Accident

Nebraska is a “tort state,” which means the at-fault party in an auto accident is responsible for compensating injured parties for their losses. (Nebraska is not a no-fault state for purposes of auto insurance.) In most auto accidents in Nebraska, the at-fault driver’s auto insurance policy becomes the primary source of compensation for everyone injured […]

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I Was in a Distracted Driving Accident in Nebraska: What Now?

What to do After Being Injured by a Distracted Driver

These days, it seems like people don’t even try to avoid texting while they drive. It’s everywhere you look. Take a drive down the nearest highway this afternoon and you’ll probably spot at least a dozen people using their smartphones behind the wheel. It happens so often now that it starts to feel normal…until a […]

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How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Benefit You After a Truck Accident

Truck Accident Claims Lawyer

Anytime you are involved in an auto accident where there are injuries, it’s a good idea to talk to a lawyer before accepting an insurance offer or making any decisions about your legal options. That is especially true if you have been injured in an accident involving a large commercial vehicle, such as a tractor-trailer […]

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Know What Kind of Injuries to Look for After a Car Accident

Common Injuries After Car Accident

Were you recently in a traffic accident? If so, you should know that you might be entitled to financial compensation for your pain, suffering, and other losses. The law recognizes a wide range of damages. But car accident injuries aren’t always easy to recognize right away. Below, we highlight several of the most common injuries […]

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