How Severe Is Road Rash in a Motorcycle Accident?

Road Rash from Motorcycle Accidents | Hauptman, O'Brien, Wolf and Lathrop

From taking a fall while running or biking, most of us have experienced some type of road rash. However, nothing compares to the road rash that can occur in motorcycle accidents. Beyond the immediate pain, motorcycle road rash victims also face the possibility of infection, long-term scarring, skin grafts, sepsis, and many other adverse effects. […]

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Compensation for a Spinal Cord Injury

Damages in a Spinal Cord Injury Claim | Hauptman, O'Brien, Wolf and Lathrop

Few injuries are as devastating as spinal cord injuries. Suffering loss of movement and feeling in part of or all of your body is unfathomably difficult. In many cases, a spinal cord injury will affect your ability to perform your job, take care of your loved ones, and live life as you once did. For […]

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What Errors Cause Faulty Products?

What Makes Products Defective? | Hauptman, O'Brien, Wolf and Lathrop

It is widely understood that manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure their products are safe when used properly. This applies to everything from motor vehicles to pharmaceuticals, from children’s toys to power tools. However, when accidents happen, the question of whether a manufacturer should be held liable is not always easy to answer. Many legal […]

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How Long After a Slip and Fall Can You Sue?

When to Sue for a Slip and Fall | Hauptman, O'Brien, Wolf and Lathrop

Slip and fall accidents are usually surprising, traumatic experiences that can quickly derail your life. For most slip and fall victims, the priority is their physical health and well-being. Slip and falls can lead to severe injuries, including fractures, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries. In many cases, these injuries require extensive treatment, which […]

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