Water Safety – Stop Accidents Before They Happen

Water Safety Tips

We all know its coming – the HEAT. Hot summers are common in Nebraska, and water activities are a popular way to cool down and have fun at the same time. Remember these simple steps to keep you and yours safe this season. Watch – always supervise kids in and near water. Knowledge and Preparation – use […]

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How Do I Obtain an Accident Report?

Obtain Accident Report Omaha

If you have an accident within the city limits of Omaha you may get a copy of the accident report the following ways: 1. Write to 505 S. 15th, Omaha, Nebraska 68102 2. Walk-in to Front-Desk at any police department location and request a copy. 3. Request online a. https://police.cityofomaha.org/accr-form 4. Call (402) 444-5638 a. […]

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New Study: Quality Lacking in For-Profit Nursing Homes

Poor care at nursing homes can lead to serious injury and death.  Nursing home negligence is a serious problem in Nebraska.  Nursing homes are designed for elderly residents to have a safe, clean environment to live and rehabilitate their injures. Nursing home care is expensive.  Nursing home’s receive thousands of dollars per month in payments […]

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Carpool Conundrum

The National Safety Council recently released an article about the safety of children riding in vehicles. Over the years, many laws and regulations have been put in place. For example, the Center for Decease Control states that children 12 years of age and younger should always ride in the back seat, and should never be […]

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