Nebraska’s Workers’ Compensation Laws

Workers Compensation Lawyers

An injury can happen anywhere. You could rear-end someone on the way to work, slip and fall at the grocery store or break your leg playing sports. Responsibility for these accidents would either be yours or in the grocery store scenario, the negligent store owner. But what if you’re injured at work? Who’s responsible for paying your medical bills […]

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Damages: What are you entitled to?

What Damages Are You Entitled To

If you are injured due to someone’s negligence – What damages are you entitled to? According to the Nebraska Jury Instructions, the purpose of damages is to put the injured party in the same position, so far as money can do it, as he or she would have been had there been no injury or […]

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Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Proceeds in a Divorce

I. PROPERTY SETTLEMENT. Nationwide, there are two approaches taken by courts when determining what portion, if any, of a personal injury award should be considered in a divorce proceeding.  First, there is the “mechanical” approach, which holds that all amounts from a personal injury award are to be included in the marital estate.  The other […]

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