What Is Road Rash?

Motorcycle Accident Road Rash Injury

Road rash is a commonly used term for a type of abrasion. It occurs when part of your body scrapes against the ground, damaging (or, in severe cases, removing) your skin. It can be an immensely painful injury and, depending on the severity, may be difficult and expensive to treat. Below, we’re going to take […]

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Common Causes of Work Injuries

Omaha workplace injury attorneys

Workplace injuries are more common than you might think. They can happen to almost any employee, from construction workers to administrative professionals. Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows there were almost 3 million non-fatal workplace injuries in 2014. Factoring in the number of workers in the United States means that 3 out of every 100 […]

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4th of July Safety Infographic

fireworks safety

Sparklers have become a regular part of celebrating the 4th of July, especially for children. Yet, Sparklers are known for causing injuries and can be extremely dangerous. How many times have you heard a parent say, “Don’t play with matches?” Matches can burn up to 500 Fahrenheit, and can cause severe burns or injuries. Sparklers […]

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