Expert Witnesses in a Car Accident Case

Expert Witness - Medical Examiner Car Accident

When you hear the term “expert witness” in the media, it usually concerns someone testifying in a high-stakes or especially complex court case — a medical specialist in a multi-million-dollar malpractice claim or a DNA expert in a sensational murder trial. Did you know, though, that expert witnesses can play an important role in a […]

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Liability in a Rideshare Car Accident

Rideshare Liability After Car Accident

Lyft and Uber are all over Omaha. For that matter, these and other ridesharing apps have become a way of life throughout Nebraska and across all the areas we serve: Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, South Dakota. As a personal injury law firm, we receive a growing number of calls from people who’ve been injured in […]

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Car Accidents Can Cause Traumatic Brain Injuries

Nebraska Traumatic Brain Injuries

Common Questions, Myths, and Misconceptions about Car Crash TBIs Did you know that more than half of the traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) reported in the United States each year are caused by car accidents? Traumatic brain injury is one of those terms you hear often but might not know how to define. Certainly, it sounds […]

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Why You Should Talk to a Lawyer Before Settling an Injury Claim

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer if You've Been Injured

7 Reasons to Schedule a Free Personal Injury Consultation ASAP The temptation of an insurance settlement is oh so real. There it is, sitting in front of you — an offer for quick cash that you could put in your pocket right away(-ish). That money would come in handy. You could use it to pay […]

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