Pothole Safety in Omaha NE


Driving carefully is always a good idea. When you have a road riddled with potholes, it is especially important to be aware of the road. After getting plowed frequently and doused in salt, the roads are a mess. Here are few helpful tips:

  • Don’t tailgate. If the driver in front of you suddenly dodges a pothole or slams on their brakes, leaving a good following distance will give you more time to react.
  • Mind the speed limits. You will not “fly” over a pothole by driving fast. In fact, driving faster only means greater damage is possible.
  • Do not brake into a pothole. If you are about to unavoidably hit one, and sometimes this can be the case, do not brake just as you are hitting it. Braking will cause the front of the car to nosedive. It is better to release the brakes just before impact so the whole of the car will absorb the energy.
  • Pay Attention: You are more likely to be able to avoid potholes completely if you can see them coming so pay attention.
  • Beware of puddles as they may conceal the size of the hole.
  • Frequently inspect your rims and tires for damage. Do not assume you are in the clear if your tire didn’t immediately pop. You may have rim damage.
  • Have your vehicle inspected and check often for proper alignment. Steering and suspension can be damaged if you do not keep up maintenance in these areas.

by Hauptman, O’Brien, Wolf & Lathrop
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