Michael Khalili, attorney at Hauptman, O’Brien, Wolf & Lathrop in Omaha, said he is seeing employers being more vigilant than ever when it comes to the safety of their employees.

“This is not just for the morale of the employees but for its bottom dollar,” he said. “I have noticed more safety gear being utilized and more extensive safety trainings and videos. In most plants, there are also automatic shut-off mechanisms in place triggered by employee carelessness.”

Many times, Khalili’s law firm is one of the employee’s last options during a workers’ compensation case.

“For example, the client/employee may need further treatment which is being denied,” he said. “Our goal in that situation is to get that treatment approved and compensation to the client if they are off work.”

Most of his clients simply want to get back to work as soon as they can.

“The Workers ‘ Compensation Act, when all components are working in properly and collaboratively, is vital to the employees because it not only pays the medical for the work-related injuries, it allows a period for recuperation for the employee by paying a portion of the employee’s average weekly wage while the employee recuperates,” Khalili said. Read More

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