Neck and Back Pain After a Rear-End Accident

Injuries After a Rear-End Crash | Hauptman, O'Brien, Wolf and Lathrop

Auto accidents can lead to multiple types of devastating injuries, from traumatic brain injuries and broken bones to burns and organ damage. Many of these injuries are acute, causing severe pain and requiring immediate medical attention. Other injuries, however, are not immediately apparent. They may take time to manifest and become an issue. Often – […]

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Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

Common Personal Injury Cases | Hautpman, O'Brien, Wolf and Lathrop

Personal injury law encompasses a wide variety of different claims. Depending on the circumstances, a negligent individual, employer, property owner, medical practitioner, or manufacturer (to name a few) may be responsible for injuries sustained in an accident. Injured individuals can recover compensation through claims against the liable party or parties. No two personal injury cases […]

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Do You Need a Lawyer After a Truck Accident?

Why Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer | Hauptman, O'Brien, Wolf and Lathrop

If you were reading an answer to this question on an insurance company’s website, the answer would probably go something like this: “You usually do not need a lawyer after a truck accident. Insurance companies are committed to providing fair compensation to injured accident victims. We won’t use your words against you, and we’ll do […]

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How Severe Is Road Rash in a Motorcycle Accident?

Road Rash from Motorcycle Accidents | Hauptman, O'Brien, Wolf and Lathrop

From taking a fall while running or biking, most of us have experienced some type of road rash. However, nothing compares to the road rash that can occur in motorcycle accidents. Beyond the immediate pain, motorcycle road rash victims also face the possibility of infection, long-term scarring, skin grafts, sepsis, and many other adverse effects. […]

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